Becker Vineyards

When you write about Texas wine, there are iconic names. Doc McPherson, followed by his son, Kim. Messina Hoff. Fall Creek. And then there is Becker—Dr. Richard, and more importantly, his wife, Mary Clementine Ellison “Bunny” Becker. Continue reading “Becker Vineyards”

Texas wine beginnings

Texas appears to be an improbable place for world-class wine. That did not stop two Texas Tech University professors, Drs. Clinton “Doc” McPherson and Bob Reed. Continue reading “Texas wine beginnings”

Zinfandel’s names

Crljenak kaštelanski (pronounce Tserl-yee-ehnak Kashh-tell-ann-skee). Primitivo (pronounce pri-meh-TEE-Voh). Or, if you are confounded by Croation and intimidated by Italian, go with the California pronunciation: zinfandel (‘zin-fən-del). Continue reading “Zinfandel’s names”

Expensive wine characteristics

Collectible wine. Nice to dream about, unlikely to be acquired. You probably are not going to spend more on a bottle of wine than on your daughter’s wedding. Continue reading “Expensive wine characteristics”

Wine costs

Many factors go into wine cost. The odious three-tier system (wine producer–wholesaler–retailer) does its price-inflating thing, but so do multiple decisions that influence your wine experience. Continue reading “Wine costs”