Making wine Part 6–Harvest, winery decisions

Good wine is made in the vineyard. The winemaker’s job is to allow fruit the grape grower delivers to express itself. Continue reading “Making wine Part 6–Harvest, winery decisions”

Making wine Part 5–Growing

Grape vines produce grapes in a cycle. They are dormant in winter, but there still is activity in the vineyard. The vines stockpile carbohydrates in anticipation of spring. Roots may push deeper—deep roots are what allows vines to survive and flourish. Continue reading “Making wine Part 5–Growing”

Making wine Part 4–Planting

Land acquired. Grape variety/varieties selected. Vineyard laid out. Training system, other infrastructure in place. Time to put vines in the ground. Continue reading “Making wine Part 4–Planting”

Making wine Part 3–The vineyard

Selection of grape variety, topography of the vineyard, and inclinations of vineyard owner and viticulturist influence the next big decision—vine training system. Continue reading “Making wine Part 3–The vineyard”

Making wine Part 2–Grapes

After securing land, the next decision is deciding on the grape. That decision influences decisions on trellising/vine training, irrigation, and overall success of your enterprise. Continue reading “Making wine Part 2–Grapes”

Cossart Gordon Bual 10 Year Old Madeira

Light tawny color; caramel, prune, honey, butterscotch, smoke, oak on the nose; raisins, caramel, honey, hazelnut, butterscotch, prune, toffee, orange peel on the palate. Continue reading “Cossart Gordon Bual 10 Year Old Madeira”

Making wine Part 1–Land

Many steps and decisions went into making the wine you will enjoy tonight. This week and the following eight weeks, we visit the magical journey from soil and sunshine to the sublime liquid you enjoy. Continue reading “Making wine Part 1–Land”

Bordeaux responds to climate change

Wine makers recognized climate change years ago. Many vine growers have meticulous records dating back a hundred years. For them, global warming is not speculation, it is real and their livelihoods depend on responding to it. Continue reading “Bordeaux responds to climate change”