Boxed wine shelf life

Box wine, or more correctly wine in a plastic bag that is inside a box, is no longer the red-headed stepchild of the wine world. Several wineries now deliver quality wine in a box. Bota Box (Delicato Family Vineyards), Black Box (Constellation Brands), Bandit, Almaden, House Wine are among the leaders. Continue reading “Boxed wine shelf life”

Making wine Part 1–Land

Many steps and decisions went into making the wine you will enjoy tonight. This week and the following eight weeks, we visit the magical journey from soil and sunshine to the sublime liquid you enjoy. Continue reading “Making wine Part 1–Land”

Wine industry in change

As people shelter in place and give family members holiday Zoom greetings rather than hugging in person, the world in general and members of the wine industry in particular can’t put 2020 in their rearview mirrors fast enough. Continue reading “Wine industry in change”