Thanksgiving wine-food pairing 1

The great American harvest feast of Thanksgiving happens in eight days. Food—of all sorts—is a centerpiece. Family and friends bonding around a table groaning with food is the most important dish. Continue reading “Thanksgiving wine-food pairing 1”

Labor Day

Labor Day: bittersweet homage to transition, end-of-summer obeisance to the passage of time, and recognition that to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven. Continue reading “Labor Day”

July 4th

July 4th falls on Thursday, dicey day for a holiday. Some will enjoy flag waving four-day weekend, while others must soldier up, salute job responsibilities, take the fifth on Friday. Continue reading “July 4th”

Wine-Mexican Food 5-1-2019

Cinco de Mayo occurs in four days, a holiday celebrated more in the United States than in Mexico, but the occasion presents an excuse to discuss Mexican/Tex-Mex food and wine. Continue reading “Wine-Mexican Food 5-1-2019”

Valentine wine

With Valentine’s Day approaching, some heartening news no matter if you are a guy gifting your gal, a woman gifting her man, or you are just a wine drinker who doesn’t give a hoot about Valentine’s. Continue reading “Valentine wine”