Grape vine cycle

Grape vines were around long before human beings domesticated them. Today, we bend them to our will with trellis systems, pruning, and propagation through cuttings. But their life cycle remains unchanged. Continue reading “Grape vine cycle”

The amazing grape vine

Grape vines are amazing plants. They are gritty survivors. They grow on every continent except Antarctica. They are the highest and best use of agricultural land, especially when planted in wine grapes. Continue reading “The amazing grape vine”

Jean-Luc Baldès Clos Triguedina Malbec, Cahors 2011

Medium ruby-purple color; plum, tobacco, boysenberry on the nose; plum, dark fruits, black cherry, blackberry, pinch of peppermint on the palate. Continue reading “Jean-Luc Baldès Clos Triguedina Malbec, Cahors 2011”

Beeslaar Pinotage, Stellenbosch 2017

Deep purple color; plum, blackberry, black cherry, menthol on the nose; black plum, blackberry, anise, licorice, tobacco, chocolate on the palate. Continue reading “Beeslaar Pinotage, Stellenbosch 2017”

Bending Branch Winery Double Barrel Tannat 2017

Deep purple color; smokey black cherry, plum, blackcurrant, vanilla, bourbon barrel oak on the nose; plum, black cherry, blackcurrant, tobacco, leather, vanilla, caramel on the palate. Continue reading “Bending Branch Winery Double Barrel Tannat 2017”

Aging wine

Most wines are ready to drink as soon as you get home from the store. Many—especially in the $12-$25 range—do not improve with bottle age. But what about those that grow wonderful with time? Continue reading “Aging wine”

Natalie MacLean interviews Gus Clemens

Natalie MacLean, the leading online wine expert in Canada, interviewed me for her podcast/video interview. It posted today (10-16-2019). The segment is 45 minutes long and the quality is good. Natalie is a charming personality and interviewer. If you are interested in Natalie’s online material and me talking about wine in general and about Texas wine and several other stories, here is the link to the video interview:

Link to video of the interview

Natalie MacLean interview podcast

Gus Clemens on Wine