Making wine Part 2–Grapes

After securing land, the next decision is deciding on the grape. That decision influences decisions on trellising/vine training, irrigation, and overall success of your enterprise. Continue reading “Making wine Part 2–Grapes”

Bordeaux responds to climate change

Wine makers recognized climate change years ago. Many vine growers have meticulous records dating back a hundred years. For them, global warming is not speculation, it is real and their livelihoods depend on responding to it. Continue reading “Bordeaux responds to climate change”

Vintage variables

“Plant a radish. Get a radish. Never any doubt. That’s why I love vegetables; you know what you’re about,” goes the opening in a song from The Fantasticks. Continue reading “Vintage variables”

Bottles of wine from a vine

How many bottles of wine can be made from a single grapevine? Interesting question. This being wine, no simple answer. Continue reading “Bottles of wine from a vine”

Grape vine cycle

Grape vines were around long before human beings domesticated them. Today, we bend them to our will with trellis systems, pruning, and propagation through cuttings. But their life cycle remains unchanged. Continue reading “Grape vine cycle”

The amazing grape vine

Grape vines are amazing plants. They are gritty survivors. They grow on every continent except Antarctica. They are the highest and best use of agricultural land, especially when planted in wine grapes. Continue reading “The amazing grape vine”