Zinfandel’s names

Crljenak kaštelanski (pronounce Tserl-yee-ehnak Kashh-tell-ann-skee). Primitivo (pronounce pri-meh-TEE-Voh). Or, if you are confounded by Croation and intimidated by Italian, go with the California pronunciation: zinfandel (‘zin-fən-del). Continue reading “Zinfandel’s names”

Expensive wine characteristics

Collectible wine. Nice to dream about, unlikely to be acquired. You probably are not going to spend more on a bottle of wine than on your daughter’s wedding. Continue reading “Expensive wine characteristics”

Vega Sicilia Oremus Furmint Mandolás 2016

Pale straw color; orange peel, dried herbs, jasmine on the nose; mandarin orange, green apple, lemon zest, white peach and pear on the palate. Continue reading “Vega Sicilia Oremus Furmint Mandolás 2016”