Wine-steak pairing 3-9-2022

You do not have to be a wine cognoscente to know cabernet sauvignon plays well with the salty and fatty flavors of a rich, well-marbled steak. But, what if you want to go beyond that pairing? Continue reading “Wine-steak pairing 3-9-2022”

Cru Beaujolais 3-2-2022

Beaujolais is a lovely French region sandwiched between Burgundy and Lyon. Last century, it was known for its kitschy, flash-in-the-pan plonk—Beaujolais nouveau. Today, it is known for being the next big thing in quality wine. Such are vino’s vicissitudes. Continue reading “Cru Beaujolais 3-2-2022”

When to decant 2-23-2022

Newspaper readers and online followers know of my advocacy of decanting—pouring wine into a vessel to expose it to air to soften tannins and encourage wine to “open up” and become more balanced. Continue reading “When to decant 2-23-2022”

Ripeness 1-26-2022

“Ripeness” may be a winemaker’s most important decision. Ask three different winemakers their definition of ripeness, however, and it is possible you will get six different answers. Ripeness is just that complex. Continue reading “Ripeness 1-26-2022”

Vigneron-Vintner-Négociant 1-19-2021

“Vigneron” “vintner” “négociant” are wine terms. What are their exact meanings? This being wine, they don’t really have exact meanings. Here is an overview. Continue reading “Vigneron-Vintner-Négociant 1-19-2021”