Wine snobbery

While wine snobbery may be irritating, it certainly is nothing new. Some 2,800 years ago, the Greek poet Homer in The Iliad and The Odyssey used wine references to signal privilege. The higher in society in Homer’s day, the better wine you drank. Continue reading “Wine snobbery”

Boxed wine shelf life

Box wine, or more correctly wine in a plastic bag that is inside a box, is no longer the red-headed stepchild of the wine world. Several wineries now deliver quality wine in a box. Bota Box (Delicato Family Vineyards), Black Box (Constellation Brands), Bandit, Almaden, House Wine are among the leaders. Continue reading “Boxed wine shelf life”

Decanting do’s and don’ts

As veteran readers know, I am an advocate of decanting. But this is wine, so when it comes to how to decant and when to decant, things can get problematic. Some guidelines. Continue reading “Decanting do’s and don’ts”

Science vs. tasting notes

Wine tasting descriptions, whether by wine pros or the supercilious jerk next to you in the wine bar, are a fertile field for bloviating blather. Truth is, there is hard evidence we all taste things differently. God made us that way. Continue reading “Science vs. tasting notes”