Cork presentation

The sommelier at the elegant restaurant deftly cuts the foil on the special bottle of wine she recommended, skillfully utilizes the double-hinged waiters corkscrew to extract the cork, and briskly removes the cork from the worm. In a flourish, she places the cork on the table or a small tray next to you. Continue reading “Cork presentation”

How to enjoy wine

Sometimes wine’s kaleidoscope of terms and traditions, wine’s labyrinth of grape varieties and vinification techniques, and the obnoxious actions of wine snobs can overwhelm and discourage people from getting into wine. Continue reading “How to enjoy wine”

Harvest time

Now is the time of reckoning for Northern Hemisphere grape farmers, the time when they harvest the results of their previous six months of toil, sweat, and hope, which in turn is built on years, decades, centuries of effort. Continue reading “Harvest time”

Labor Day

Labor Day is the bittersweet holiday. Fading soon into memory go dreams both fulfilled and dashed for your favorite baseball team, your family vacation, your time with the grandkids or grandparents. Falling leaves, coming soon, signal the great harvest feasts, the coming of winter, and acknowledgement we are in the afternoon of yet another of our allotted annual treks around the sun. Continue reading “Labor Day”