Wine world disruption 11-30-2022

The pandemic shook the wine world—as it did everything in the world. More to the point, it accelerated trends forever changing the wine landscape. Examples: Continue reading “Wine world disruption 11-30-2022”

Thanksgiving 2022 11-16-2022

Some people are intimidated by wine choices for the big Thanksgiving family feast. There is no reason for discombobulation. Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2022 11-16-2022”

Everyday, commodity wines 11-9-2022

November and December are the heaviest wine-buying months of the year. People not into wine—or even alcohol—indulge during the harvest feasts of Thanksgiving and Christmas and the bacchanalian excesses of New Year’s. Continue reading “Everyday, commodity wines 11-9-2022”

Cheap and sweet 11-2-2022

The recent death of Fred “Two Buck Chuck” Franzia, gave me pause to think about what the average, non-wine-geek enjoys in an occasional glass. Continue reading “Cheap and sweet 11-2-2022”

Wine and Halloween candy 10-26-2022

Every few years I recklessly throw caution and good judgment to the wind and confront pairing wine with Halloween candy. So here it goes. Continue reading “Wine and Halloween candy 10-26-2022”

Champagne boom 10-19-2022

As the leaves don new colors and the great harvest feasts and festivals approach, the demand for bubbly continues to increase. A soaring trend. Continue reading “Champagne boom 10-19-2022”

Wine metaphysics 10-5-2022

Are wines made in the vineyard or the winery? The answer is both, but today more wine professionals say soil, grapes, and the skill of grape growers to deliver the personality of their acres is the essential component. Continue reading “Wine metaphysics 10-5-2022”

What does chewy mean in wine? 9-28-2022

What the heck do wine writers mean when they describe wine with adjectives like “chewy” or “crunchy” or “meaty”? Aren’t those words descriptive of chocolate brownies, raw carrots, and T-bone steaks, not an alcoholic liquid? Continue reading “What does chewy mean in wine? 9-28-2022”