Wine critic scores

Finding words to describe wine overflows with challenges and trouble. To steal from Martin Mull, writing about wine is like dancing about architecture. Continue reading “Wine critic scores”

Wine and alcohol

Every wine columnist walks a tightrope. Wine, after all, is alcohol. And America, and the world for that matter, has been embroiled in a vacillating relationship with alcohol for perhaps 10 millennia. Continue reading “Wine and alcohol”


Champagne and prosecco are sparkling wines. Both can be delicious, liven up an event, pair well with many foods. But they are completely different wines. Comparisons: Continue reading “Prosecco-Champagne”

Crystal or glass wine glass?

In the worlds of indulgent pleasures, people can obsess over the accouterments. Wine glasses (stemware) break into that territory. Standard glass or crystal? Continue reading “Crystal or glass wine glass?”

Wine snobbery

While wine snobbery may be irritating, it certainly is nothing new. Some 2,800 years ago, the Greek poet Homer in The Iliad and The Odyssey used wine references to signal privilege. The higher in society in Homer’s day, the better wine you drank. Continue reading “Wine snobbery”