Hill Country AVA dining 1

You come to Fredericksburg, heart of the Texas Hill Country AVA—second-most visited AVA (American Viticultural Area) in the US—for the wineries and tasting rooms. Sure. Continue reading “Hill Country AVA dining 1”

Texas wine tasting venues 1

When you come to Fredericksburg to immerse yourself in Texas wine, you will not be able to visit all the tasting rooms and wineries, a Sisyphean task. An extremely enjoyable task, but still one that requires weeks and weeks, maybe months. Continue reading “Texas wine tasting venues 1”

Becker Vineyards

When you write about Texas wine, there are iconic names. Doc McPherson, followed by his son, Kim. Messina Hoff. Fall Creek. And then there is Becker—Dr. Richard, and more importantly, his wife, Mary Clementine Ellison “Bunny” Becker. Continue reading “Becker Vineyards”

Texas wine beginnings

Texas appears to be an improbable place for world-class wine. That did not stop two Texas Tech University professors, Drs. Clinton “Doc” McPherson and Bob Reed. Continue reading “Texas wine beginnings”